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The Redneck Revolt podcast is a vehicle for the folks who make up our community to be able to directly share news, interviews, reportbacks from our chapters around the country, gun tips, jokes, and original music from our members. Look out for a new podcast each month!

In this episode, we dive deep on definitions and praxis of counter-recruitment, as well as feature reportbacks from Charlottesville and Kalkaska. For this episode, we feature music from Jesse Cannon aka "Tall Can," from San Diego Redneck Revolt.

Segments from this episode:

  • Intro

  • Report back on branch activities

  • Defining Counter-Recruitment

  • Northern Lower Michigan Redneck Revolt- Reports from the Anti-Sharia March and Kalkaska

  • Carolina Mountain Redneck Revolt- Counter-Recruitment

  • Pittsburgh Redneck Revolt- Reportback from Charlottesville

  • Gun Tips w/ Red & Black

  • Working Class /Movement History: The Great Railroad Strike of 1877

  • "John Brown Brown Club"- Race, identity, and organizing against white supremacy as folks of color

  • Donations call for DSA medical fund for victims of Charlottesville:

  • ​

You can listen to The Redneck Revolt Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and YouTube.

Want to contact the podcast team? Email

See y'all next month!

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