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The Redneck Revolt Podcast

Today, July 7th, Redneck Revolt celebrates its one year anniversary in its current incarnation. In celebration, we are excited to launch our podcast, The Redneck Revolt. Over the last year, we've grown from a handful of branches to 32 branches nationwide, with hundreds of members. We've raised funds for Brothas Against Racist Cops, Black Lives Matter- LFK, Huey Newton Gun Club- Denver, and currently are raising funds for Surviving Sisters Gun Club in Pittsburgh- please follow this link to donate! Individual branches have been building survival programs, connecting to folks in their communities, and participating in armed defense actions against white nationalists and others calling for reactionary violence against us, our families, and our neighbors.

For this first episode, we focused heavily on the history of Redneck Revolt, what we've accomplished in the year that we've been working together, and what our goals are for the future. In future episodes, expect interviews, reportbacks from our chapters around the country, gun tips, jokes, and more original music from our members.

The podcast will be a vehicle for the folks who make up our community to be able to directly share news of the network, take a peak inside individual local branches throughout the country to get a sense into what’s going on in their communities, interview folks outside the network who are also doing the work, and provide our analysis on a host of other subjects.

Our network is also home to a ton of incredibly talented artists and musicians and we will be regularly showcasing a bit of their creativity, as well. We're excited to bring you our debut episode. Look out for a new podcast next month!

On Episode 1 of The Redneck Revolt, we dive into:

  • An interview with some of Redneck Revolt's founders, Tyler, Conor, and Dave, about the origins of the project and how it came together

  • A discussion about all of the work we’ve done over the past year with Kam and Sophia from Phoenix John Brown Gun Club

  • A look forward with Jamil from Phoenix John Brown Gun Club

  • Some original music from Carolina Mountain Redneck Revolt members

  • A reminder: All funds donated to the John Brown Solidarity Fund in the month of July will be donated to Surviving Sisters Gun Club. Please help raise funds for this important cause!

You can listen to The Redneck Revolt Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and YouTube.

Want to contact the podcast team? Email

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