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This article first appeared in the original Redneck Revolt blog site.

On November 19th, 2009, Denver police arrested 32 young black men in the Denver area during what was dubbed a “24 hour roundup” by local media. Those arrested are alleged to have been involved with a series of muggings and robberies of mostly upper middle class white bar goers in the LODO area that have been an ongoing phenomenon since July.

As of the time of this writing, 35 young black people now sit in jail cells, most facing multiple felonies and over $1 million in bail each. Opportunists like Tom Tancredo have joined with the local media to decry the suspects as having perpetuated “hate crimes” against whites in the downtown entertainment district.

As headlines such as “Black Gangs Vented Hatred For Whites In Downtown Attacks” start to lay the foundation for a reactionary analysis of the events, it becomes clear that the suspects in custody have already been tried in the minds of many.


What the police say

Police allege that dozens of young black men and women active in the Rolling 60s Crips and Black Gangster Disciples street gangs created a “confederation” with a conspiracy to attack and rob bar-goers in the upscale LODO entertainment district. The suspects allegedly would send one member of the gang to identify a victim, follow them out of the bar, and than confront them. Police and victims have stated repeatedly that the attackers would say such anti-white epithets as “I hate you white crackers,” and “I want all white people to die,” before beating the victim and robbing them.