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‘Our basic message is: guns are fine, but racism is not.’

On the surface, the bearded, tattooed men of Redneck Revolt seem like typical good ol’ boys: They love guns, pickup trucks and keeping the government out...

  • Boston MA, August 19th 2017: the week after Charlottesville: up to 50 white supremacists staging a “free speech” rally are met by some 40,000 counter-protesters and community members.

  • Richmond VA, September 7: The CSA II (Confederate States of America II) lead...

This article previously ran in Mountain Xpress.

ASHEVILLE — Chances are you’ve seen the pictures on TV, online or in the local paper — swarms of protesters, signs in hand, gathered in the public square or before a government building, mouths open in mid-scream at some b...

This article was previously run in Al Jazeera.

Gun control is again at the forefront of US public discourse following the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday that left 59 people dead and more than 500 wounded.

Stephen Paddock, 64, had stockpiled 23 firearms in his...

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The cookout offered free food, a face-painting booth and a “protest sign-making station” – a pile of cut-up cardboard boxes, paint markers and rolls of packing tape. A group of neighborhood boy...

This article originally appears at the Kerspebedeb Publishing and the original Redneck Revolt blog site.

One of the supreme issues for our movement is summed-up in the contradictions of the term “white working class”. On one hand there is the class designation that shou...

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'Camobagging' in the Desert