For many decades, various militia formations have appointed themselves the less accountable wing of the CBP, and have engaged in terrifying and dehumanizing refugee families seeking asylum.

Dwayne Dixon of Silver Valley Redneck Revolt spoke at the Harvard Carr Center for Human Rights Policy shortly after Charlottesville.

This article previously ran in Mountain Xpress.

ASHEVILLE — Chances are you’ve seen the pictures on TV, online or in the local paper — swarms of protesters, signs in hand, gathered in the public square or before a government building, mouths open in mid-scream at some b...

This article originally ran in The Real News.

A number of anti-racist groups are expected to show up Saturday in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville Tennessee to protest the “White Lives Matter” rally. The rally was organized by some of the same white supremacist groups who we...

Redneck Revolt stands solidly in solidarity with the Juggalo March. Their resistance aligns with our strongly held belief in the right to community self-determination and self-defense, as well as our opposition to the ongoing criminalization of the working class by a g...

Houston's political economy and geography needs to be understood if we are to understand the social impact of Hurricane Harvey. Houston is a "boomtown", leading in petrochemical, technology, medicine and shipping; in the abstract, certain economic trends...

This article originally ran in the Durham Herald Sun.

DURHAM- As the alt-right becomes emboldened under Donald Trump’s presidency, one leftist group is not only bearing arms but training its growing membership to use them.

It’s called Redneck Revolt, and they have a meet...

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'Camobagging' in the Desert

May 25, 2019

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