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This week, attorneys with the National Lawyers Guild Central Virginia chapter, working on behalf of Redneck Revolt, signed a consent decree which formally ends the City of Charlottesville’s lawsuit against Redneck Revolt related to the w...

Dwayne Dixon of Silver Valley Redneck Revolt spoke at the Harvard Carr Center for Human Rights Policy shortly after Charlottesville.

This article previously ran in the Dose on an unknown date.

‘Our basic message is: guns are fine, but racism is not.’

On the surface, the bearded, tattooed men of Redneck Revolt seem like typical good ol’ boys: They love guns, pickup trucks and keeping the government out...

  • Boston MA, August 19th 2017: the week after Charlottesville: up to 50 white supremacists staging a “free speech” rally are met by some 40,000 counter-protesters and community members.

  • Richmond VA, September 7: The CSA II (Confederate States of America II) lead...

The Redneck Revolt podcast is a vehicle for the folks who make up our community to be able to directly share news, interviews, reportbacks from our chapters around the country, gun tips, jokes, and original music from our members. Look out for a new podcast each month!

This article originally appeared in Salon and Alternet.

I have a theory that the quickest way to get legislative gun control in this country would be to start a movement that successfully convinces millions of black folks to join the NRA. I’m not pro-gun, I just know th...

This article originally ran in the Durham Herald Sun.

DURHAM- As the alt-right becomes emboldened under Donald Trump’s presidency, one leftist group is not only bearing arms but training its growing membership to use them.

It’s called Redneck Revolt, and they have a meet...

This article originally ran in the Guardian, and was a collection of the local coverage following the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA.

A week-long sampling of the output of the Daily Progress newspaper in the Virginia city hit by racist protests reveals the...

The situation on the ground in Charlottesville, Virginia, is still developing and unstable, but a few of our Redneck Revolt members on the ground took some time to provide the following reportback. We will continue to share updates as they're available.

For those who ar...

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